10 Ways To Make A Better Impression On Others

Personal development can do a lot for a person, both inside and out. It will give more confidence and self-esteem and be a natural force of attraction with others. Learning to be your best as a means of improving your public persona will provide you with big pay-pay offs; start with the following tips.

1. Be ready to go the extra mile. When you go out of your way for people, either within the confines of your job description or not, they remember you. You made them feel valuable and for that, you will be considered a cut above the norm.

2. Don’t fear failure. It’s so easy to become bound by apprehension and second-guessing, but really successful people understand the necessity of risk and are willing to take it. Don’t hold back.

3. Use time efficiently. Being too busy causes many people to not finish within a deadline or have to cancel out on plans; most of the time, this is due to mismanagement of time. Learn to make decisions instantly, and avoid wasting time; it’s one of your most valuable resources.

4. Have a passion for business. Even if you can’t wait for a promotion or a better offer at some other company, don’t act like you’d rather be somewhere else. Having a passion for everything you do gives you an infectious energy that people love to be around.

5. Become a brand. Introduce yourself properly, get personalized stationery and make sure your name can be seen on your desk from far away. It’s one thing for people to realize what an amazing asset you are, another thing entirely for them to know and recognize your name later.

6. Emulate great leadership. Making timely decisions, providing solutions and taking responsibility will demonstrate great leadership qualities, and you will stand out from the crowd for them. Study books from great leaders and successful people in business, and show the world how suitable you are to take charge.

7. Step out of your comfort zone. Someone else’s department, something you’ve never tried before or even a subject you’re not comfortable with should all be attacked with enthusiasm. Being fearless and willing to take risks makes you a better person and really impresses other people.

8. Always give it your all. A half-hearted effort is just sloppy and will get you more eye-rolls than anything else. Dive into every project and see each of them through. Giving 110% sets you apart and makes people want you on their team.

9. Don’t ever let them see you quit. No matter how tough a project may get, giving up is not an option. Get creative in your problem solving techniques, and be the go-to person known for getting the job done, no matter what.

10. Have empathy for others. This is one of the most coveted qualities people search for in others. It gives you a fantastic edge on reading them, understanding them and helping them through things. All of this brings them to their best, and if you can do that, your value as an asset to any organization is ten-fold.

Lifting yourself in the eyes of others can benefit your personal and professional life in ways never imagined. Use the above tips to become your best and let it shine through.

How To Achieve Better Stress Management The Easy Way

A lot of people spend a lot of money going out on vacation, buying self-help books, and doing other forms of pampering in an effort to produce an effective stress management approach. However, it is too late until you realize that none of them worked and that you have wasted time, money, and effort on these approaches that offer none other than momentary relief from stress.

You need to understand that stress management only takes a few simple steps. If you can apply them well, then you could enjoy a stress-free life in less time.

Managing Stress the Easy Way: How?

Your ability to overcome stress is your own choice to make, just like happiness. If you decide to be happy, then you can be! Same goes with stress management. If you think that your efforts will lead to that one goal of being stress-free, then you will certainly achieve that result.

When you choose to live healthy and stress-free, then you will definitely achieve that result regardless of what circumstances you are in. Nonetheless, using the right approach and techniques to stress management will improve your success rate.

Acknowledge Your Feelings Toward Stress

The most simple secret to an effective stress management method is to acknowledge how you feel inside. When you learn to recognize and understand how you feel, then you are making that crucial first step towards overcoming stress.

Make sure to make no judgments when you make those feelings known and learn to approach it objectively. Whether you feel angry, upset, frustrated, or depressed, you need to identify why you feel that way and think about how you can eliminate that negative feeling.

Breathe and Relax Physically

Remember how when you feel extremely stressed out that people often tell you to relax and breathe deeply? This is a common relaxation technique that you too can apply as part of your stress management regime. Deep breathing is also often used in yoga and meditation for its ability to relax both mind and body.

Start by taking slow but deep breaths at a time. Make sure to draw air in towards your belly and slow down your breathing rate. Whenever you release each breath, focus on relasing tension off of your body.

Choose Your Own Response to Stress

When you are feeling stressed or angry, it is easy to let your emotions get the better of you. But to save yourself from trouble later on, you need to be wise when choosing how you respond to all those negative emotions that are coming over you. Think about the above two tips (acknowledging your feelings and deep breathing) to help you gain control over your feelings and response to a stressful situation.

Changing Your Habits

Changing the way you do things in life is considered as the most vital step towards eliminating the causes of stress. One thing that makes this so hard to overcome is the fact that the causes of stress is often rooted deep inside one person instead of coming from an outside source.

Hence, you need to look into your habits or perspective in life and see whatever needs changing. For instance, your inability to organize your priorities could end up to taking up more workload that you can handle. If you can get this ironed out, then you can certainly be on your way to a more effective stress management regime.

Time Management For Everyone

Do you constantly feel like you are at a loss for where the time has gone? I know this happens to me all of the time, and that usually means something did not get done. I always feel that I should have the time to do all that I need, but for some reason, nothing seems to get done. This was always the case for me, and still is to some point, but I do get more done now (as I feel I should) because I have found some good ways to go about time management. With some simple solutions, this can be easy for you as well.

My mom spent time each day making a list of all that she needed to do that day or even that week. I always thought this was a waste of time, but in the end she always got things done. This was simply because she could visually count what she had to do and what was most important. I didn’t bother with the lists, and even though I tended to have more energy, I did not get all of my stuff done – ever. That meant to me that this simple form of time management was something that I should start doing. When I do it, it works wonders.

Other forms of time management may be a bit more complicated, but they tend to work on the same principle as the list. You can segment your day with a daily planner so that you can account for all of the things you have done and all of the time that you have spent doing them. This is a more detailed list, but some need this. If I find that I become more and more scatterbrained, and have so much more to do, I may very well have to go out and get a daily planner so that I can keep things straight.

If you are having problems with time management at work, you may have a bigger problem with which you have to deal. That means you may want to get some professional advice about managing time. You should think about finding good books and other resources that help you deal with time management issues that come up for you each day. These books are written by those that have great success with helping others get moving when there seem to be more and more things to do, and less time to do them.

The Roots of Low Self Confidence

There is no single factor that we can consider as the pool from which low self confidence comes from. In fact, it is the accumulation of mishaps and lacks in the past that we are failing to unearth and give due remedy. It is the outcome of our failure to recognize who we truly are and what are the hampers to our own growth.

Low self confidence is obviously delimiting. It would send us stomping on our endowed capacities and instead, take our failures as early defeats. It would confine is in our comfort zone where everything is safe from potential humiliation and further mistakes. The comfort zones will then make us believe that we must not go out from its four corners because out there, disappointments and losses await.

But even when we tell ourselves how harsh and messed up things may get, we must still not surrender to the inner critic that thrives inside us. We must at all rate, defeat it and show off ourselves to the world.

Low self confidence develops during our childhood. Unfortunately, many of us have parents, teachers, friends and enemies who are keener to our deficiencies than with our talents. They would tell us of our mistakes and kill our inner drives. These may not actually be said direct on our face but their actions and sneers are enough to convince us that we are losers.

Perhaps you live under cold critical eyes that know nothing of imperfection. Or maybe you are the underling of a brother who achieves in school, thus the intense focus on him and frequent disregard for you. Probably people do things for you when they feel like you cant do things on your own.

These are subtle triggering instances that would all contribute to your eventual loss of self confidence.

Because of such poor models and lack of attention given on you, you would soon find that you are really incapable of doing things when in fact you have gifts beyond your own reckoning.

Your belief on their beliefs would then send you blaming yourselves for all your failures. And at times, you would even convince yourself that you are also responsible for the failures of those people you have close contact with.

As a child, sweeping statements will be a commonplace for you. You will convince yourself of how stupid you are even without the reinforcement that comes from the warped people surrounding you.

And as the process goes on, you would learn to ignore the blind negative accusations that other people throw at you. And to add up more miseries on your already-piled up problems, you would learn to accept that there is nothing more to life but defeats and failures.

You faith in yourself by now is much too weakened. Therefor, you would not try to resolve your conflict on sense of self and would not dare plan how to get around this self-tormenting course of life. Solutions and helpful people would come to you though. However, your reactions would either be to push them away or totally disregard them.

Continue at this phase and you would soon discover that salvation from low self confidence is presenting itself to you but you are all too muddled in your own world that it would be way to impossible to cure the problem. Unless, a life changing miracle would cross your way.

Self Help

You can find self help books and therapy basically anywhere you look, but sorting through it can be tricky. after all, not All of it is helpful. Recently, I needed some
self esteem
help. I was suffering from a horrible crisis of self confidence following a bad break. My girlfriend had said some very hurtful things when we broke up – things that really spoke to some of my deepest held insecurities. Rather than deal with it in a constructive way, I actually sort of closed down. I became unable to deal with people socially. I was becoming a hermit, and really suffering. My social life was almost nonexistent and my love life truly was. That is when I realized that I needed some self help.

I went down to the local bookstore and looked around. It was kind of a New Age sort of bookstore, one that specialized in self help books and the like. Nonetheless, the first two books that I found were not very good. They mostly specialized in commonplaces – ideas that everyone held and everyone spoke about. They told me the truth, but they put it in such a general way that I was unable to devise any use from it. It doesn’t really help to be told to let go of your anger or to move on or to be honest with yourself. I already knew these things. The question was how to do it.

I had had some self help success over the Internet before. When I was having a lot of trouble making ends meet, I had gotten financial advice from an online guru and had really Learned how to make some money. I figured that online self help was a way to go since the books I was finding were not really helping me. I looked at some advice pages and discussion boards, and some bulletin. I found all kinds of answers, and none of them seemed to agree. Fortunately, through picking and choosing, I finally came up with some words of advice that helped me.

The key was to sort through things and freely discard when I didn’t need. Just because a word of advice is useful for one person doesn’t mean it is useful for everyone. Fortunately, I met some very wise people online who showed me how to move on. A few of them had been through breakups that were quite similar to mine, and knew all about how to deal with the insecurities that I was dealing with. Nowadays, I am happy to say that I have moved on.

More than One Way to Skin a Cat: Adventures in Creative Thinking

How many times have you caught yourself saying that there could be no other solution to a problem – and that that problem leads to a dead end? How many times have you felt stumped knowing that the problem laying before you is one you cannot solve. No leads. No options. No solutions.

Did it feel like you had exhausted all possible options and yet are still before the mountain – large, unconquerable, and impregnable? When encountering such enormous problems, you may feel like you’re hammering against a steel mountain. The pressure of having to solve such a problem may be overwhelming.

But rejoice! There might be some hope yet!

With some creative problem-solving techniques you may be able to look at your problem in a different light. And that light might just be the end of the tunnel that leads to possible solutions.

First of all, in the light of creative problem-solving, you must be open-minded to the fact that there may be more than just one solution to the problem. And, you must be open to the fact that there may be solutions to problems you thought were unsolvable.

Now, with this optimistic mindset, we can try to be a little bit more creative in solving our problems.

Number one; maybe the reason we cannot solve our problems is that we have not really taken a hard look at what the problem is. Here, trying to understanding the problem and having a concrete understanding of its workings is integral solving the problem. If you know how it works, what the problem is, then you have a better foundation towards solving the problem.

Not trying to make the simple statement of what problem is. Try to identify the participating entities and what their relationships with one another are. Take note of the things you stand to gain any stand to lose from the current problem. Now you have a simple statement of what the problem is.

Number two; try to take note of all of the constraints and assumptions you have the words of problem. Sometimes it is these assumptions that obstruct our view of possible solutions. You have to identify which assumptions are valid, in which assumptions need to be addressed.

Number three; try to solve the problem by parts. Solve it going from general view towards the more detailed parts of the problem. This is called the top-down approach. Write down the question, and then come up with a one-sentence solution to that from them. The solution should be a general statement of what will solve the problem. From here you can develop the solution further, and increase its complexity little by little.

Number four; although it helps to have critical thinking aboard as you solve a problem, you must also keep a creative, analytical voice at the back of your head. When someone comes up with a prospective solution, tried to think how you could make that solution work. Try to be creative. At the same time, look for chinks in the armor of that solution.

Number five; it pays to remember that there may be more than just one solution being developed at one time. Try to keep track of all the solutions and their developments. Remember, there may be more than just one solution to the problem.

Number six; remember that old adage,” two heads are better than one.” That one is truer than it sounds. Always be open to new ideas. You can only benefit from listening to all the ideas each person has. This is especially true when the person you’re talking to has had experience solving problems similar to yours.

You don’t have to be a gung-ho, solo hero to solve the problem. If you can organize collective thought on the subject, it would be much better.

Number seven; be patient. As long as you persevere, there is always a chance that a solution will present itself. Remember that no one was able to create an invention the first time around.

Creative thinking exercises can also help you in your quest be a more creative problems solver.

Here is one example.

Take a piece of paper and write any word that comes to mind at the center. Now look at that word then write the first two words that come to your mind. This can go on until you can build a tree of related words. This helps you build analogical skills, and fortify your creative processes.

So, next time you see a problem you think you can not solve, think again. The solution might just be staring you right in the face. All it takes is just a little creative thinking, some planning, and a whole lot of work.

Stress Relief for Women

Women experience more stress than ever. They are more active than ever before and have far more to do in the process of a day than ever before. With all of the things to do, there is even more stress to deal with. Women need stress relief more than ever. When it comes to stress, it can be hard to deal with and if it isn’t taken care of, women can experience major health problems in the long run. Not to mention that if you already have health problems, stress can make things even worse.

Given the very different chemical and hormonal make-ups of the two genders, women’s health has emerged as a very specific branch of medical research. Thanks to all of this research, better and better answers have emerged for the problems that women of all ages face. The growing knowledge and popularity of women’s health issues have spawned an entire product line of supplements and things that are specifically designed for women.

Doctors have found out that the natural estrogen that a woman’s body produces can be effectively replaced, thus reducing the difficult symptoms of menopause. Research has shown that stimulating a woman’s natural progesterone levels is particularly beneficial in numerous ways, most notably regarding troublesome conceptions. Even osteoporosis, which threatens all older women, has become a lot clearer in recent years.

Even cosmetic complaints, like the effects of aging and weight problems can be addressed in various ways. The most gentle and independently proactive solution is to help your body to help itself through the use of effective health supplements. Of course, you also have to eat right and exercise if you are interested in your overall health. When it comes to women’s health, there are certain afflictions that are specific to women. Some of the most common problems women face are: hormonal imbalances, cervical cancers, uterine complications etc.

Because of the changes in women’s attitudes toward health, beauty, fitness and feminine strength, women are also challenging long-held ideas about aging and sexuality. Women don’t just look younger and sexier longer these days; they are living longer as well. Enhanced awareness of nutrition and proper diet keeps our bodies healthier on a cellular level. Aerobic exercise keeps our hearts and vascular systems in peak condition. Weight bearing exercise increases our bone density, making us stronger, more resistant to injury and even some illnesses. All this exercise can help you with stress relief, more positive attitudes and a better ability to grapple with anxiety and depression.

Power through the people

Have you come across a person who is so naturally friendly that when you put him inside a room of strangers, he’ll be friends with almost everyone in no time? We call such a people-person, someone unbelievably nice and charismatic that he can charm anyone into doing anything.

A socially-empowered person achieves so much greatness, basically because of the people that catapult him to success. He earns the trust and all-out support of the people, whom he had helped before. He never runs out of help. He can do anything with the plethora of people behind him. All because he knows he maximizes his social potential!

See, if you know your social skills and you make use of them, you will reach self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is making a general overhaul in your life and turning yourself into a happier and more successful person.If you can be one of those people-persons, then I can’t see any reason why you will not succeed. You just have to know how to start.

1. Be genuine.

Hypocrisy will just bring you all the way down. Be genuinely nice and interested to people. Once they perceive that you are Mr. Hypocrite with selfish intentions, you might as well say goodbye to self-empowerment.

2. Be the greatest listener that you can be.

To earn the love and trust of the people, listen to their problems and sympathize with them. Do not just hear them out, listen to them with your heart. Make eye contact when the person talks to you. Listen as if every word matters, and it does. Brownie points when they find out that there is a confidante in you.

3. Laugh out loud.

I do not mean that you force yourself to laugh for every joke cracked by someone, albeit you do not find it funny at all.This means finding humor in things and not being too darn serious. A person oozing with an awesome sense of humor attracts crowds and eventually, attracts success.

4. Don’t forget yourself.

In the process of fluttering around like a social butterfly, you might forget yourself, allowing everyone to push you over. Remember, love and value yourself before anyone else. If you deem yourself respectable and worthy of affection, people will flock to you and not trample on you.

5. Do random acts of kindness.

You don’t have to do a John Rockefeller and blow your savings to charity. Little acts of kindness matters the most, and this can be as simple as giving someone a surprise you-take-care card or helping an elderly cross the street. When we were kindergarten students, kindness was taught to us and greatly practiced. Now is the time to revive the good deeds and this time, let them stay for good.

6. Contact your old friends.

Sad how some friendships are destined to goodbye, but thanks to technology, you can do something about it. Relive the good old days by flipping your yearbook and look for the great people whom you want to communicate with again. Adding these old friends to your roster of support peers will surely make you feel good all over.

7. Develop your personality.

Are you grouchy, grumpy and generally morose? Whoa, you can’t go through life with those. Get rid of the bad traits and habits that perpetually hamper your growth. And really, who wants a grouchy friend anyway?

8. Be confident.

Be able to stride to the other corner of the room and introduce yourself to people with that winning smile of yours. Just remember: be confident, not arrogant.

9. Practice control.

When angry, don’t snap at anyone. Never throw a tantrum. Stay calm and collected. Be adult enough to take control of situation and transform your anger into something more productive and passive. As soon as people think your anger goes to volcanic proportions easily, they will find it hard to come to you.

10. Keep nurturing your relationships.

Your relationship with your family, friends and significant others is too precious that you must not neglect it whatever happens. Go out and have fun with them. Do things together. Happiness will never fly from your side as long as the people who matter the most are close to you.

In the end, using people for self-empowerment means becoming a better and more lovable person. It’s a win-win situation: the people know they can turn to you anytime and vice versa.

8 Easy Steps To Reach Your Dreams

Having dreams is what makes life ultimately meaningful. Most people have more than one dream and sometimes it can be overwhelming to not have them come true. Not all of your desires may come true, but with enough perseverance, a good portion might! This article will give you eight steps that you can take to achieve your ultimate goals and dreams.

The first step to achieving your dreams is to write them down in a journal or notebook. Your dreams at this point don’t have to be down-to-earth or even realistic. Remember, the point of having desires or dreams is that they are something extraordinary that you want to get out of life. The more dreams you have, the better your chances of achieving some of them.

After you have your initial list of your desires, take the time to develop tactics and a plan of action. You want to be able to actually reach these goals and not just have the ideas written down. It may take quite some time to come up with plans of action, but it helps to have ideas of how you can reach your goals. Remember, you don’t have to figure this out in one sitting. You can take a few days to come up with realistic and valuable ideas.

You need to believe in yourself and see yourself actually achieving your goals. Having plans of action and a goal list is only half the job. The other half depends entirely on how much you believe in yourself. In order to be a true success, you have to believe that you are able to accomplish the things that you have written down.

Take baby steps to reaching your dreams! Your dreams probably won’t come true in one night. It requires time, perseverance as well as trial and error to get to where you want to be. Work every single day to reach your dreams. This is especially true if your dream requires practice or endurance. You don’t have to have a lot of time to give your goals some of your attention each day.

Reaching your goals requires a certain amount of risk taking. For example, if you are dreaming about becoming a successful business owner, it requires some investment and risk taking on your part. Playing it safe will not get you anywhere, but be smart about which risks you do take and which you leave behind. Taking a risk is a bit of a gamble, but with enough patience and practice, you ultimately know which ones can pay off.

Know how to ask for help in achieving your goals. It is never shameful to have the help of someone when you need it. No one really accomplishes their hopes and dreams alone. Talk to a close friend or family member about what you hope to achieve. An outsider may have some pointers they can give you or advice that can help you revise your game plan.

As time goes by, your goals may change. This is a perfectly normal part of life and you should not be ashamed to revise your list of dreams. If you feel some of them are entirely unrealistic, replace them with something similar that you feel you can achieve. Your personality may have changed too; this makes it imperative that you look over your list again. Make the necessary changes to fit the new you.

In all your hard work, you may have forgotten to celebrate your successes and accomplishments! Don’t forget to treat yourself to something special like a vacation or shopping spree when you reach a goal. It is imperative that you truly feel the weight of being successful at something. This will help you raise your self-esteem and feel better about yourself.

Everyone has a dream, may it be big or small. Not all dreams are realistic and definitely not all of them can come true. However, with some time spent planning, you can be on your way to achieving at least some of your dreams!

Does a Law on Human Attraction Exist?

“Opposites attract” is a law of attraction, at least where electromagnetism is concerned. But are there laws about attraction between two people? “In a world that is full of strangers” as a line in a famous song of the 1980’s goes, is there a clear set of rules that allows two people to fall for each other?

Is attraction a matter of chemistry?

Maybe. According to scientists, the attraction between animals of the opposite sex is all about chemicals called pheromones. The effect of pheromones in behavior of insects is the most studied to date. It has been observed, at least in some experiments, that pheromones are responsible for communication among same species and colony of ants. The horrible odor released by skunks to ward off enemies is said to be a kind of pheromone. Some species of apes rub pheromone-containing urine on the feet of potential mates to attract them. Some scientists believe that animals (usually the females) such as insects and mammals send out these chemical signals to tell the male of their species that their genes are different from theirs. This gene diversity is important in producing offspring with better chances of survival. The perfume industry has capitalized on pheromones as a means to increase one’s sexual attractiveness to the opposite sex. Animals such as the whale and the musk deer were hunted down for these chemicals.

Lately, scientists are looking into the existence of human pheromones and its role in mate selection. There are many conflicting views in the realm of biology, chemistry, genetics, and psychology. Most scientists would assert that these do not exist, or if they do, do not play a role in sexual attraction between a man and a woman. But new researches such as that conducted by Swiss researchers from the University of Bern led by Klaus Wedekind are slowly making these scientists rethink their stand. Their experiment involved women sniffing the cotton shirts of different men during their ovulation period. It was found out that women prefer the smell of men’s shirts that were genetically different, but also shared similarities with the women’s genes. This, like in the case of insects and other mammals, was to ensure better and healthier characteristics for their future children. But researchers also cautioned that preference for a male odor is affected by the women’s ovulation period, the food that men eat, perfumes and other scented body products, and the use of contraceptive pills.

Does personality figure in sexual attraction?

Yes, but so does your perception of a potential mate’s personality. According to a research conducted by Klohnen, E.C., & S. Luo in 2003 on interpersonal attraction and personality, a person’s sense of self-security and at least the person’s perception of his/her partner were found to be strong determinants of attraction in hypothetical situations. What does this tell us? We prefer a certain personality type, which attracts you to a person. But aside from the actual personality of the person, which can only be verified through close interaction through time, it is your perception of your potential partner that attracts you to him/her, whether the person of your affection truly has that kind of personality or not. This could probably account for a statement commonly heard from men and women on their failed relationships: “I thought he/she was this kind of person.”

So how does attraction figure in relationships?

You have probably heard that attraction is a prelude, or a factor towards a relationship. Most probably, at least in the beginning; but attraction alone cannot make a relationship work. It is that attraction that makes you notice a person from the opposite sex, but once you get to know the person more, attraction is just one consideration. Shared values, dreams, and passions become more significant in long-term relationships.

So should I stop trying to become attractive?

More than trying to become physically attractive, work on all aspects of your health: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Physical attraction is still a precursor. Remember, biology predisposes us to choose the partner with the healthiest genes. Where your emotions are concerned, just ask this to yourself: would you want to spend time with a person who feels insecure about him/herself? Probably not! There is wisdom in knowing yourself: who you are, your beliefs, values, and dreams. And do not pretend to be someone you are not. Fooling another person by making him/her think that you share the same values and beliefs is only going to cause you both disappointments. When you are healthy in all aspects, attractiveness becomes a consequence and not an end. As mentioned in the Klohnen and Luo’s research, a person’s sense of self-security matters, perhaps even beyond attraction. But remember: do these things for yourself and not for other people. Only then can you truly harness your attractiveness as a person.

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